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9000 Series Mikalor All Stainless Super Clamps W4

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Mikalor Super clamps are used for for high pressure applications and heavy duty uses such as agricultural irrigation piping,marine,and many other industrial uses where a strong secure connection is required.These clamps have a 304 stainless steel band with a 316 stainless steel grade 8 bolt. Band widths are 18mm up to size STC028,20mm from STC031 to STC067 and 25mm up to size STC112.

For larger clamps see our other W4 Super Clamp page on this website.Uniclamp  Super Clamps will be supplied when Mikalor not available.

316 W5 Stainless Super Clamps are available on special order.

Contact us for a discount code prior to placing a online order or purchase by phone or email.