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1003 Series Herbie Irrigation Poly pipe clips Packs of 100 and Assortment Kit.

  • $40.00

 Herbie clips also known as ratchet clamps are specially suited to poly pipes used  on Poly irrigation lines and drip lines.Our assortment kit contains the 6 popular sizes used on PVC irrigation lines and drip lines.

The Herbie Clip is a one piece hose clip that uses a double row of interlocking teeth.The result is a extremely secure fit when tightened.Herbie Clips are U.V. resistant and are made from Nylon 6.6,these clips are totally resistant to atmospheric corrosion and have the ability to be easily adjusted even after many years in place.The Herbie Clip is the only double jaw ratchet clamp with teeth that pull inward under load resulting in an extremely robust clamp.The Herbie Clip is resistant to most industrial solvents,petrols,oils,greases and chemicals.A manual installation and removal tool is available in our hose clamp tools section.Assortment kit of Herbie Clips is also available.Herbie Clips are made in U.K. by HCL Fasteners Uniclamp is the sole Australian distributor for Herbie clips and 1004 series Ezyclik clips also listed on this website.

Herbie Clip features:

Non corrosive and no moving parts-prevents seizure or jamming.Fire resistant nylon 6.6 and is HB-V2 rated - Self Extinguishing Lightweight up to 60% lighter than alternative metal solutions.Temperature resistance ranging from -40C to +170C

See our video on this website showing the application procedure using Herbie Clips.

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