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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I view all the different sizes and types of product on the website.
To locate your desired product click on catalogue where you will see shop by, you will see a list of product classifications in alphabetical order to choose from,simply click on the classification you require to open all items in that classification.When you find the product you require click on the item, click on the "V" icon next to the first part number and all the other sizes will scroll down and the list prices will change when you click on the part number.

Do I get any discount on my orders?
Australian businesses with a ABN number are eligible for a trade discount, please contact us to receive a discount rate and code if you're eligible.

Can goods be returned if ordered incorrectly.
Yes you can return any product within 7 days of purchase, please advise by email or phone if this is the case.

 Do you export your products to other countries?                                                           

Yes send us a email with your product requirement and we will quote you our special export prices.


All prices listed are GST exclusive GST will be added to all invoice totals within Australia.