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1005 Series Ezyclamps Made in U.K. Packs of 10 and 50

  • $30.00

Ezy Clamp worm drive clamps are highly versatile and are made from PA66 nylon 6.6. material or PA12 nylon 12 depending on your application. Advantages of the Ezy Clamp and material grades are as follows:

Ezy Clamps have a 13mm wide band and are available in the traditional screw type or a wing screw type which can be tightened by hand.

Part numbers with a S prefix denotes screw type and W prefix denotes wing screw type. When the number 66 is shown in the part number this is the material Nylon 66 the clamp is made from. When the number 12 is shown in the part number this is the material Nylon 12 the clamp is made from.

Advantages of Nylon 12 (PA12) are higher durability and flexibility high chemical resistance and thermal resistance and a  higher resistance to U.V. Exposure.

These clamps are supplied in packs of 10 or 50 clamps and are available in 5 popular size ranges from 25 to 150mm diameter.The Ezy clamp is fitted by wrapping the clamp around the object and then inserting the screw.This means the clamp can be fitted onto the hose or object before the screw needs to be fitted into the housing.Screws can be tightened with a electric screwdriver or a standard driver or socket wrench.Please see brochure showing the fitment options on this page. A video is also available to view showing the application of these clamps under the product videos section on this website main menu.

Features include: Minimal leak path-clamp forms complete circle-Quick and easy to install-Non conductive-Non magnetic-UV Resistance-Maximum long term temperature 125 degrees celsius.

Standard colour Black other colours available on request minimum quantities apply.