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4600 Series Kale W2 Narrow Band European Automotive Hose Clamp Display Stand

  • $298.00


This sturdy galvanised steel display stand is supplied with 160 of the most commonly used hose clamps in the automotive industry these clamps are specially suited to European cars that are fitted with same type of 9mm wide band hose clamps.Clamp diameters range from 8mm to 110mm.Clamps are made from AISI 430 stainless steel and have a zinc plated screw with a Philips slotted screw head.This stand is supplied with twin hooks with size/barcode ticket holders.The stand also has a unique size finder allowing easy selection of the correct size clamp.Barcode tickets and extra scan sheet  is supplied with the unit.The stand is pre drilled and supplied with mounting hardware.

Kale hose clamps are manufactured in Europe to quality standard DIN3017.Clamps have a mechanically locked housing and the bands have rounded edges to protect hoses.A high tightening force can be achieved with a low tightening torque.

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