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9680 Series Rotor Clip Spring Band Light Duty Clamps Packs of 100

  • $32.50

This range of Rotor Clip spring band light duty clamps are manufactured by Rotor Clip a leading American manufacturer of spring band clamps.

Clamps are made from spring steel with a black finish, these clamps ensure a reliable leak proof fit at an economical unit price.These clips are suitable for hose and spigot joint connections. Sizes range from 7.7mm to 21.8mm Part number example CTL-7.7-W1 is a clamp that suits a 7mm O.D. connection.Typical uses small engines,automotive systems and appliances.

Special custom made pliers are available for fitting and removing these clips and can be viewed in our hose clamp tool section of this website.

Prices listed are nett trade prices no further discount available.

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