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9975 Series Hydraulic Hose supplied by the metre.

9975 Series Hydraulic Hose supplied by the metre.

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This premium quality SAE100 R2 AT Hydraulic Hose is the non skive double wire braid type.This hose meets flame resistance: US MSHA designation IC152-8. Reinforced with 2 braids of high tensile steel wire.The cover is abrasion,ozone and hydrocarbon resistant synthetic rubber.MSHA Compliant.Inner tube is Nitrile,the temperature range is 4 degrees centigrade to 100 degrees centigrade.

Ordering information: Scroll down from the first part number  B-9331 to choose the size you require. For example if you require 5 metres enter the number 5 in the quantity section above the add to cart icon and you would receive a 5 metre length of hydraulic hose. 

Available in 4 popular sizes 1/4-3/8-1/2 and 3/4 inch.

Working pressure: 1/4 inch 400 BAR (5800 P.S.I.)  3/8 inch 330 BAR (4800 P.S.I.)                                        1/2 inch 276 BAR (4000 P.S.1.)  3/4 inch 215 BAR  (3120 P.S.I.)

Burst pressure:  1/4 inch 1600 BAR (23,200 P.S.I.) 3/8 inch 1323 BAR (19,200 P.S.I.)                                1/2 inch 1100 BAR (16,000 P.S.I.)  3/4 inch 860 BAR (12,480 P.S.1.)

Hose assembly tips.

Lubricate hose thoroughly before use,place socket in a vice and thread hose counter clockwise into the socket fitting until hose bottoms then back off half a turn.Lubricate nipple fittings thoroughly and thread nipple clockwise onto the hose.