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9985 Series AW36105 Complete Bareco Drive Shaft 110HP@540RPM 176HP@1000RPM

  • $525.00

This drive shaft is suitable for large size slashers and other agricultural machines with a 110 HP rating.The shaft is complete with the latest safety guard technology to insure user safety. Quick release 1 3/8" inch 6 spline yokes are fitted on both ends for quick and easy attachment to your tractor and machine.Heavy duty star profile tube is standard on these  heavy duty drive shafts.

The operating length is 100 to 160cm from universal cross centre to cross centre. Spare parts are readily available for future maintenance of the drive shaft.We can also modify this shaft to have different types of yokes such as bore yokes on either end also we can custom make your shaft with other various yokes combinations such as 1 3/8 x 6 spline.1 3/8 x 21 spline or 1 3/4 x 20 spline yokes just advise us on your preference. 

Friction clutches or safety clutches are also available on application to suit this drive shaft. Check the various types of clutches available on this website.

A full range of CV wide angle driveshafts 80 degree angle are now available in all horsepower ratings with or without slip clutch.Wide angle drive shafts increase the efficiency when turning towed implements by reducing the problems with unequal joint angles when making turns allowing for a better turning circles in the field.See our 9988 series shown on this website.

see attached images.Details available on application.

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