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9980 Series Post Hole Digger Augers from 100mm to 610mm diameter.

  • $498.00

These quality manufactured augers are suitable for Bareco post hole digger gearboxes and are suitable for other applications. Augers have a clockwise rotation and a 50mm I.D. drive tube. Replaceable cutters are included with every auger.Scroll down from the list shown above from 100mm to 610mm diameter augers to choose the model to suit your application.Replacement cutters and screws are available on application.

Auger Safety shield AS8209 to shield the top of the 228mm and the 300mm auger or the P.T.O. shaft where it fits on to the gearbox input shaft is available see the last item listed on the list above.B4665 Bolt/nut kit to suit AS8209 also listed above.

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