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9980 Q-8 Series Complete Slasher Transmission Kits from 40hp to 100hp. Freight Paid to any destination in Australia.

  • $975.00

Replace your complete drive line from tractor P.T.O. to the gearbox. Kits include gearbox, P.T.O. Drive shaft and friction clutch. Up grade your slasher to the latest drive shaft technology to improve safety and performance of your slasher. Kits available are the 40Hp-50Hp-75Hp and 100Hp combinations. Spare parts are available for all components for any future maintenance. Scroll down from the first 40 Hp kit part number SK40 shown above to choose the kit to suit your tractor and slasher. Components are available separately however the kit prices are lower when purchasing these complete kits. All drive shafts have a closed length of 1 metre and will slide up to another half a metre when operating. Longer drive shafts are available such as 1.5 metre however this will increase the kit prices. 20 and 21 spline yokes are available for the drive shafts if required when the standard 6 spline yoke is not suitable for your machine.

P.T.O. shafts without safety guards are a personal safety hazard, see images on this page showing unsafe P.T.O. shafts and one image showing how your drive line should look after installation. Ensure EP140 gear oil is added to gearbox before operating.

Prices listed are nett no further discount available.

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