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9985 Series P.T.O Shaft Safety Guards suit all common drive shafts.

  • $88.00

9985 Series P.T.O. Shaft safety guards are a patented lever release design allowing for easy replacement of your damaged or worn out safety guard. P.T.O. shafts that are not covered or partially covered are a serious health hazard and can cause serious injury or death when the shaft is rotating if the operator is too close to the shaft or if a part of the operators clothing gets caught in the rotating shaft can cause serious injury.

These safety guards fit the majority of agricultural P.T.O shafts in the field today including Bareco-Bypy-Walterscheid-Hardy Spicer-Jayben and other common brand shafts in the field today. Only two part numbers AS20130 and AS30130 on our list of safety guards will cover 90% of the most common drive shafts in the field.

AS200 Series suit drive shafts up to series 4  (40 HP)

AS300 Series suit drive shafts from series 5 (50HP) up to series 10 (200 HP)

All safety guards come complete with a set of bearings to suit your drive shaft

Please also read the instruction sheet attached with other images on this page outlining the basic method of replacing your safety guard.

Replace your damaged or exposed drive shaft today, choose from our scroll down list shown above.

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