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9995 Series Tractor Canopies and Mounting Kits - Freight paid to any destination in Australia

  • $435.00

Bareco tractor canopies are moulded from tough flexible U.V. stabilised Polyethylene.

3 sizes of Canopy are available to suit all sizes of tractors or industrial equipment that are fitted with roll over protection frames (ROPS) both 2 post and 4 post types.

6 popular colours are available to match the colour of your tractor or industrial machine. Mounting hardware kits are available to suit the different types of roll over protection frames fitted on most agricultural tractors and other industrial machinery. Colours available are WHITE-GREEN-ORANGE-BLUE-RED and YELLOW as shown on the images on this page. Canopy sizes are listed from small to large as shown on the list on this page. A video can be viewed on this page showing the easy installation of these canopies. Choose the mounting kit from the list shown on this page that suits your ROP frame each size of canopy has a mounting kit to suit the ROP frame on your tractor or machine.More information is shown on the specification pages for each size of canopy on this  page.

Junior canopies are suitable small garden tractors.

Standard canopies are for mid size tractors

Senior canopies are for large tractors.

All prices quoted are nett prices no further discount available.

Road freight cost is included to any destination in Australia.


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