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9980 Series Q-1 - B2666 Slasher Gearbox 40HP. Freight paid to any destination in Australia.

  • $475.00

This 40 H.P. Slasher Gearbox is suitable for 3 to 4 foot slasher platforms.Gearbox comes complete with slasher blade hub and castellated nut.Ensure you add EP-140 Gear Oil to gearbox before use.This gearbox has the standard 1 3/8" inch 6 spline input shaft to suit all common drive shafts.Gearing ratio is 1: 1.93 spare parts are readily available on application, this gearbox weighs 30kg.Contact us for any further information or related components you may require such as a friction or safety clutch.Your slasher may need a complete drive line replacement in this case we can supply the gearbox ,friction clutch and drive shaft as a kit available on this website see our Q8-9980 series.

Slasher blades for most common slashers see our 9981 Series on this website.

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