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9988 Series Bareco Constant Velocity Drivelines. 80 Degree Wide Angle Drive Shafts rated from 35hp to 200hp

  • $945.00

Wide Angle Drive Shafts increase the efficiency when turning towed implements by reducing the problems with unequal joint angles when making turns, allowing for better turning circles in the field.

We have listed here the most popular off the shelf wide angle drive shafts that are commonly used. Scroll down the the part numbers from 35hp to 200hp. Most of the shafts listed have 1 3/8 x 6 spline yokes each end except part numbers W671306134 and W67130620 in the high horsepower range. When required we can modify these shafts to incorporate different types of yokes such as the 1 3/4 6 Spline-1 3/4 20 Spline-1 3/8 21 Spline types and also we can include slip clutches on the shaft if required.Advise us your requirement and we can assemble a shaft to your individual requirements.

The patented lever release guard allows instant access to up to 7 grease points on the wide angle joint on inner tube end.

WARNING: Exceeding maximum angle will result in ball joint socket failure not covered by warranty.Tractor turning limiter should be fitted to implement drawbar.

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