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8000 Series W2 Part Stainless and W4 All Stainless Constant Torque Heavy Duty Hose Clamps

  • $6.95

The Constant Torque Heavy Duty Hose Clamp is a revolutionary clamp that automatically adjusts its own diameter to compensate for expansion and contraction of any vehicle hose system,maintaining consistent sealing pressure.Eliminates cold flow hose leaks and and also regular retightening of hose clamps.These clamps have a inner protective liner to protect soft hose such as silicone hoses.These type of clamps are used extensively on Cummins and Detroit diesel engines. The Constant Torque clamp is installed correctly when the screw tip at the rear of the housing is extended and the belleville washer stacks are nearly collapsed flat with the use of a torque wrench.These clamps are a breeze to install if you follow the guidelines mentioned above. W2 Clamps are suitable for all truck and machinery engines and W4 is most suitable for marine engines.

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