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4316 Series 316 W5 Grade Solid Band Stainless Hose Clamps Boxes of 10 and 100 Bulk Packs

  • $29.00

W5 Solid Band hose clamps are used for marine and under salt water applications these clamps are also used  where acids and other corrosive elements are present also for underground applications.These clamps are suitable for sealing soft hoses to prevent cutting into hoses, as these clamps have a non perforated band with rounded edges,clamps are all 316SS (W5) stainless steel including the screw.Sizes from 8mm to 22mm have a 9mm band width,sizes from 27mm and up have a 12mm wide band. Plastic safety collars (SC01/10) are available for the hex head screws.These clamps are a direct replacement for Norma Torro,Mikalor and Tridon type clamps.Kale clamps are made in Europe to the highest quality standards such as DIN-3017 and DIN EN -10088-2. For larger diameters see our 7000 series W5 hose clamp page on this website.

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