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5700 & 4500 Series Automotive General Purpose All Stainless Hose Clamp Boxes of 10 or 100 Bulk Packs.

  • $11.00

General purpose hose clamps 201SS all stainless steel slotted band with stainless steel screw and housing.Band width 12.7mm with 8mm hexagon headed screw. Clamps are packed in boxes of ten,these clamps are ideal for most general applications and are easy to install with their smooth running threads to facilitate a secure fit for your application, unlike other W2 Automotive clamps the screw will not rust which makes it a better value clamp. For larger sizes refer to our W4 6700 series clamp range. 201SS stainless steel is non magnetic and consists of Chromium,Nickel-Manganese with similar properties of 301SS stainless steel.

6700 Series 304 and 7000 Series 316 stainless is recommended for highly corrosive environments such as marine and chemical environments.

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