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9450 Series One Ear Stepless Clamp Kit Stainless Steel W4 With Pincers SE200WK

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This handy kit has all the most popular one ear clamps from 9mm to 27mm. 200  W4 stainless clamps in total in 8 popular sizes.Front closing pincers included in the kit.When Oetiker clips not available equivalent quality clips made in Europe will be supplied in this kit.

Contents as follows:

9.8-12.3 x 30  11.3-13.8 x 20   11.5-14 x 40  12-14.5 x 30  13.2-15.7 x 20  14.5-17 x 40 19.4-22.6 x 20.  One pair of Pincers.


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