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3170 Series All Stainless Rubber Lined Pipe Retaining Clips W3 Packs of 10

  • $34.00

Pipe retaining clips are used as vibration clamping support for pipes,cables and hoses also known as saddle clamps.The TPE Liner is U.V. resistant,clips are fully stainless steel W3 AISI430 and are salt spray tested. The band width is 15mm wide with a band thickness of 0.14 and a hole size of 6.4mm.Sizes range from 6mm to 76mm.Boxes of 10 Clips.Assortment kits are available look under our assortment kits or workshop kits category.Other sizes of P Clips are available on application. 8.4 hole size available in sizes from 22mm to 29mm.

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