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1007 Series SMART BAND Nylon Banding System

  • $180.00

Smart Band is the strongest nylon banding system in the world today.  

Common applications include: Down Hole mining applications-Bridge-Wharf and Jetty pile protection-Subsea applications as well as common applications such as sign fixing and cable attachment above or below water level.

This banding system has many advantages as follows.

Corrosion proof, suitable for under water use,high temperature resistance,U.V. resistant,chemical,fuel resistant,easy to fit,no sharp edges,very strong,less wastage,cut to length required, suitable for confined spaces,reinforced with fibreglass cores,easy to operate installation tool.Smartband is suitable for under sea water applications such wharves and Jetty repairs.

Choose the style of buckle you prefer standard or Low Profile Hybrid type.

You can view a video shown on this page showing the application method of Smart Band,this video is also on our main menu under videos. A company profile video  showing the world wide usage of Smart Band and associated products together with the quality assured manufacturing processes can also be viewed on our product videos section on this website.

Standard band material for 7 and 10mm band and buckles is PA66 (Nylon 66)

Standard band material for 19mm band is POM (Acetal) with 25% Glass Fibre for high wear resistance and excellent strength stiffness with minimal thermal expansion.

Standard band material for 32mm band and buckles is PA12 (Nylon 12-Polyamide 12) This material is 20% glass fibre filled.

PA12 (Nylon 12-Polyamide12) band and buckles are also available on request for 19mm band.

quotation available on request.


Strength up to 440 kgf-non conductive-non corrosive-safe and easy to fit

Prices listed are Trade prices no further discount available.

Detailed Specification and usage booklet available on request in hard copy or we can send by email in PDF format.




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