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1006 Series SMART TIES and Tools Inner Packs of 10 and 5 - Outer Packs 25 and 50 Smart Ties.

  • $139.00

HCL Smart Ties are the strongest Polymer cable ties in the world.

Smart Ties are a patented heavy duty polymer tie wrap able to withstand system loads in excess 0f 1200kgf. Superior chemical  and temperature resistance up to 175 celcius. Light weight  and very easy to use.The Smart tie has become the ideal downhole cable tie solution for many downhole applications.The Smart Tie is also widely used in off shore applications such as cable protection.These ties are manufactured from PA66 material for the 450 long ties.The 550-600-750 and 850mm long ties are made from PK (Polyketone) material for higher wear and chemical and fuel resistance.

PA12 long life material is available on application.Two band widths to choose from 20mm and 32mm in five different lengths. A specification sheet is available to read on this page together with the images of the Smart Tie. Scroll down from the first part number on the list above to see the different sizes and prices of each size of Smart Tie. Custom made Smart Tie fitting tools are also available,the most popular tools are listed on this page.

Our complete catalogue with detailed specifications of these products and related components is available on request on a PDF file or hard copy if required.

A company profile video is also available to view on the product videos section on the main menu that shows the application of these Smart Ties used on applications around the world.

Prices are nett trade prices no further discount is available.

Key features:

High Temperature resistance-safe and easy to fit-high speed installation-100% recyclable-Non corrosive-Long life materials.

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