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8400 Series Kale Heavy Duty T Bolt Clamps Carbon Steel Zinc Plated W1

  • $2.42

Kale HD T Bolt Clamps are manufactured utilising TOX-Clinching joints.A cold forming press technique that is more than 70% stronger than welding and superior to tab style mechanical locks.Corrosion Resistance to standard ISO 9227 minimum 72 hours.

Produced in Europe to DIN 3017-3 standards.Kale HD T Bolt clamps are suitable for high shore hardness or reinforced hoses.Bolts are Class 8.8. A high clamping force can be achieved with low free torque values.

Band width 18mm - 17-31mm - Band width 20mm - 31-68mm - Band width 25mm - 68-252mm

Boxes of 10 also available individually.

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