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8400 Series Kale Heavy Duty T Bolt Clamps Carbon Steel Zinc Plated W1 Packs of 10

  • $24.20

Kale HD T Bolt Clamps are manufactured utilising TOX-Clinching joints.A cold forming press technique that is more than 70% stronger than welding and superior to tab style mechanical locks.Corrosion Resistance to standard ISO 9227 minimum 72 hours.

The all stainless W4 version of this clamp is our 8450 series which you can also find on this website.

Produced in Europe to DIN 3017-3 standards.Kale HD T Bolt clamps are suitable for high shore hardness or reinforced hoses.Bolts are Class 8.8. A high clamping force can be achieved with low free torque values.

Band width 18mm - 17-31mm - Band width 20mm - 31-68mm - Band width 25mm - 68-252mm

Specification brochure shown with other images for this product.

Clamps are priced  and supplied in boxes of ten. Contact us for a discount code prior to placing an online order or purchase by phone or email. 

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