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7800 Series Heavy Duty Spring Loaded T Bolt Clamps W2

  • $12.95

Heavy Duty Spring Loaded T Bolt Clamps are used for heavy duty applications such as the air intake turbo and charge air cooling systems on large truck engines.The purpose of the coil spring is to accommodate both expansion and contraction of the hose connection. Clamps have a 304 stainless steel band and bridge with a zinc plated spring bolt and nut.

When installing these clamps  take care that the coil spring is not fully bottomed out, accepted installation practice is to turn the nut back two full turns from the coils solid position. Fitting will be a breeze if you follow these guidelines.Maximum recommended tightening torque 7.3-8.5Nm. Larger sizes available up to 224mm minimum quantities of 5 apply.

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